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Leather Wallets, Loose Change Pose Danger for new Apple Card

Apple tried to make the new Apple-branded credit card attractive, copying the heft and sleekness of higher-end cards like the Chase Sapphire. But cardholders are discovering that with such a design, they’ll have to give it special care.Leather wallets and loose change pose danger for new Apple Card, for instance. In fact, Apple says its Apple Card shouldn’t come into contact with other credit cards for fear of scratching the titanium card’s white finish.Apple issued special instructions this week: Keep away from “hard surfaces or materials.” Your leather wallet or jeans pocket “might cause permanent discoloration.” Don’t let it touch another credit card or “potentially abrasive objects” like coins or keys.There’s also a two-step cleaning process involving microfiber cloths and isopropyl alcohol and a list of inappropriate cleaners.The Apple Card is designed primarily for iPhone use, though the company is offering a physical card for use in stores that don’t accept mobile payments. Customers typically get 2% cash back when using Apple’s app to pay. Industry experts say financial benefits of the card mirror many of those already out there for consumers.The card, announced in March in partnership with Goldman Sachs, started rolling out in the U.S. this month.